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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What I Wore

Gap shirt, old jacket, Old Navy pants, Payless boots

I didn't post anything earlier in the day because I didn't think I had any pictures. It wasn't a very good getting dressed week and Spencer wasn't home much to take my picture.
Sunday: Meh.
Monday: pretty good
Tuesday: My workout clothes all day because I took my PE class on a field trip
Wednesday: A repeat outfit (last outfit here)
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: I was feeling creative after looking terrible all week so I experimented and the results were horrible. I am glad that I changed before Spencer got home so there is not photographic evidence of that!
Saturday: Spencer was gone fishing and I don't attempt to take my own photos anymore.

But I found this tonight while looking through the camera card so here it is. I think I wore it last week. It's nothing special but at least I don't look too bad. And hopefully I can start to do outside pictures again soon. Yipee!

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