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Friday, March 16, 2012

Be Inspired|Get Creative

I have spent several weeks composing this monthly feature. I really hope you can find some fresh creative inspiration from these links. Please let me know if you find anything you like and if this was helpful!


I love book page crafts. This blog post has 20 GORGEOUS ideas of crafting with book pages.

However, this video is claiming that maps are new the book pages. I about DIED when I saw this. Must. Get. Maps. Now.

Then later I found this compilation of of some delicious map projects that you must simply go look at or your life will not be complete.

The ever creative Alisa Burke showed how to get creative with crayons. She is also offering a free online class on Finding Your Muse.


Need help "reimagining" the items in your wardrobe? Putting Me Together has a great article on how to do just that. Then click around and look for her other remixable wardrobe articles.

Did you see the results from the Winter Remix Challenge over at What I Wore? It's chock full of what to wear inspiration.

Kristine shared some ideas on how to wear modest skirts without looking frumpy.

The Real Simple magazine has a pretty good guide to defining your style and shopping.

Greater than Rubies offers a great guide to wearing belts. Something I have thought of doing myself, but now there's no need!


Did you know that you can use Google just to search blogs? I am really excited about this discovery because I often want to find out how a real person has done something, but through a regular search I have to weed through company, organization, and irrelevant results.

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