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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Fashion- Yes or No?

Recently, my favorite local lifestyle show did a segment on big trends for this spring. Some I like, others, not so much. I would love to get your take on these trends and if you will be wearing them. I have embedded the video here so you can watch if you want, or go here for the video on their website.

#1 High-Low Hems

I think these skirts are cute, but I can't say that I will run right out and buy one. However, if I needed a skirt and found one like this that was modest (this one is probably too short for me) and it was a good price I might get one. I like the one in the video better.

#2 Floral Pants

I am undecided. I have seen them on a few of my favorite fashion bloggers and they weren't as hideous as I would have thought. I won't be buying a pair though. They aren't really my style, and even more than that, they don't fit my lifestyle. Can you see me waking into the jr. high classroom in these babies? Oh hello students. Don't mind my shockingly loud pants. Just get to work.

#3 Color Blocking

I like this trend. It's fun. I haven't done it a lot because I don't have many solid colored bottoms (besides neutrals). I have bought a few more recently so I will be able to dress this way a little more.

#4 Graphic Prints
I don't hate this trend, but I know that I would only wear a shirt like the one in the video for a short season and then discard it. I think it will be great on others but it doesn't match my wardrobe.

#5 Peplum

I am intrigued by this trend. I think it's kind of cute, and I am interested to see how it looks on me. I will be trying it on when I see it, just for fun!

So really, I don't love any of these trends. I am loving the colored pants trend and I like nautical too. I just bought another maxi dress and love the return of friendship bracelets.

What trends do you like? Any of the 5? Any I missed? A trend you hate? Chime in!

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