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Friday, December 2, 2011

Photo Letters Again

Have you been dying all week to know what was in the brown paper packages? Today is the day to find out!

Remember the photo letters gift I made for my brother last year? I decided to do the same thing for Spencer's sister's family this year. We had their names for the family gift exchange and I really wanted to make something and have it be personal.

For the mom and dad gift we I did the family name in larger frame.

For each of the kids I made a 5X7 collage of their first names in Photoshop and framed it. I was going to tint the letters to match the colors of their rooms but it only looked good in some of the colors so I left them all black and white.

Unfortunately, the printing turned out a little dark on this one, but it isn't as bad in real life as it is here.

This one is my favorite! I had such a hard time finding the mailbox B last year, that I was worried about finding another B, but it wasn't too bad. Funny, that I drove past the new B everyday last year when I was looking and never noticed it.

This was easy since Tanner and Anne are almost the same! :)

If you are still looking for a unique and personal gift, there is still time to make one! Just keep your eyes constantly peeled for objects that look like letters and soon enough you will find all the letters you need. Actually, finding the 5 opening frame was hardest part. After going to every store in the tri-county area (ha ha) and tons of websites I found this one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. See my post from last year for a few more tips.

Have fun!!

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