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Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I Wore

I have been thinking a little bit more about photos doing a better job showing how an outfit looks than the mirror. I have changed my mind from what I said a couple of weeks ago. I think I was just in denial. :) There are cases of bad photos, but I just have some clothes that don't look good on me at all. As I look through my style inspiration pinboard I notice that all the outfits have one thing in common.... the clothes all fit really well! I have set a goal to really clean out my closet and get rid of all the clothes that just don't fit. To help me figure out what really works for me I started a new pinboard where I can pin pictures of myself in outfits that work. Hopefully I will notice patterns and start selecting clothes that not only fit better (part of that has to do with me changing sizes over the past year or so) but actually flatter. I tend to buy something because it's really pretty or a good deal even if it isn't the best fit on me. I bought an orange jacket at H&M recently because I have wanted one for awhile even though it has hideous buttons and makes me look like a box. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I will be taking it back. Here is an interesting article on the same topic.

WHEN: Friday, December 16

WHERE: Work, then a family get together at our house

GETTING CREATIVE: Is color blocking still trendy? I finally did it again, now that I have solid color bottoms that aren't just black. I thought the gold accessories helped it look festive. BTW that shirt is a really bright turquoise but looks pale blue in the photo. This outfit was even more colorful than what you see here!
WHEN: Sunday, December 11

WHERE: Church, family dinner, and church choir festival and sing-a-long

GETTING CREATIVE: This is the most versatile skirt I own. I have styled is so many ways and adding the brown boots was another way to do so. The curve of the faux wrap sweater isn't looking so good from this angle... yikes! Again, I was hoping the gold would make it festive so I could save my red outfits for the Sundays closer to (and on!) Christmas.

WHEN: Monday, December 12

WHERE: Work, then out for ice cream and Christmas shopping for FHE with husband Spencer

GETTING CREATIVE: I finally wore my black blazer after months (maybe even years) of neglect. Plus, check out my photoshopping skills!

Yesterday I posted the first of a new feature called "Be Inspired|Get Creative." Please let me know if you found any of the links helpful!

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