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Saturday, December 3, 2011

30 for 30 Week 3

As you will see, I only got to day 24 but I am calling to quits on the remix. Three weeks was all I really planned on doing (so it isn't a 30 for 30 at all and I should have called it something else) and it served it's purpose. I learned more about my style and found some new ways to wear things.

During the middle of it, I had talked myself into starting a separate blog about style. I think most Yellow Blackbird readers are here for the crafts and DIYs, not the outfit photos. But the quality of the photos below (the look on my face, my posing, the backgrounds, the lack of detail) has really turned me off to the idea. Well, that and the fact that Spencer hates taking my picture everyday. I think for now I will keep doing "What I Wore" each week but I won't be going back to the Shop Your Closet feature. It was extremely unpopular and I don't think you readers want more than one day of my "style" photos. I do like posting on Saturdays instead of Wednesdays so I will continue posting my outfits on Saturdays and focus on crafts and creative inspiration the rest of the week.

I always read on blogs how the mirror isn't telling the true story. Photos are what really show how an outfit looks. But I don't buy it. I don't think the photo captures everything. It can't see how well the garment moves with your body or how it looks in different lights, etc. The photos below freeze just one small moment in time, capturing a slouchy boot, a crooked smile, hair in the face, gloves in the pockets making the vest look too puffy, and awkward hand position, a squinty eye, or a crooked collar, things you may not notice otherwise. They don't really show how the clothes work in real life. I really do think that I look better IRL than I do in most of the pictures. In fact, today while I was shopping at H&M, I was approached by a modeling talent scout and given a business card and instructions to call her. That would not have come if she would have seen the portraits here, but she saw what I look like in life. That really helped to boost my self-confidence. I think I only get asked because I have long legs, but I hadn't been approached in several years since I was in college and it made me feel better that even though my hair is crazy right now and I have gained weight that I can still look good.

But I digress.


I have now styled this dress about 5 different ways and this might just be my favorite one. I love the bright sweater and of course the belt and boot combo is signature Aubree.


I am so glad I bought this shirt. I love it. In fact, at H&M today I bought one that is exactly opposite (large white and small dark stripes) and know I will wear it a ton.

These boots are too slouchy. The leg warmers are supposed to just be peeking out of the boots, but they keep falling down. I was inspired by this, but fell quite short of it. Of course, it's hard to see from this side angle and I always think that my outfits look better in real life as I said before... And I like my skirts below my knees unlike the inspiration photo...

Sort of a feminine Indiana Jones vibe going here. This was the only time I wore this shirt in the remix.

I am sad that this photo didn't turn out because this is my favorite outfit of the remix. It was so cold and windy that we snapped a quick three photos right outside the door and called it good. I love my heart tights and the flower is from my Blooming Sash Belts. This was inspired by Cori, something I have been wanted to wear for awhile. I just loved it. I wore it to work, so I will have to wear it to church sometime.

I can't get enough of this red vest! The white shirt was technically part of the remix, but I counted it as an undershirt. You can't see the turquoise necklace too well, but I love red and turquoise.


Oh my windy!!! I never would have thought to wear this beige top with gray pants without this remix.

A blazer, stripes, leopard and boots is so 2011, am I right?

This is what I wore today. I was actually going to end the remix on Friday, but I didn't have much time to get ready on Saturday before Amber picked me up for our H&M excursion and looking through the whole closet was too overwhelming. So I chose another outfit from the remix and used that classic Aubree belt and boots and it became one of my favorites from the remix.

I have several new things to wear this week now that I am done. The whole red pants trauma is over- I finally got a perfect pair and returned the one that didn't fit. I have 2 new puffy vests, a new pair of riding boots, an orange jacket, and two long sleeve tees. My grandma already gave me my Christmas money so I am sort of counting the boots as a gift and may wait until Christmas to wear them. We'll see...

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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