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Monday, November 28, 2011

Embellished Brown Paper Packages

Wrapping gifts is not one my talents. Most of the time my presents come out looking horrible. I tend to stick with gift bags (usually ones that someone has already given me, including the tissue paper!). This year I decided to skip all the wrapping paper and bows and go with simple brown "Kraft" paper as my blank canvas. Now I can be creative and have fun!

I had to make these particular gifts flat without much dimension because I was sending them home on a long road trip over Thanksgiving weekend with Spencer's sister's family and I didn't want the wrappings to get squished.

If you want to make your gift all coordinate, consider buying a few sheets of matching scrapbook paper, stickers, and a little bit of ribbon. All the paper I used was from the same line so the gift somewhat go together.

This one turned out to by my favorite. I used a simple strip of paper with the word lyrics, some neat letter stickers, and some holly leaf stickers. So quick and easy, yet personalized and cute!

This one used another strip of the paper and a few strands of ribbon that are each taped to the back of the package. The tag came printed on the paper. After the photos were already taken I filled in the to and from.

The present for Anne is the first one I did, and obviously I was more ambitous at the beginning. I painted the snowflakes on the package using a stencil. I added a ribbon and another tag cut from the paper. I finished it off with letter stickers to spell out the name of the recipient.

This was for a nephew (rather than the other three for nieces) so I figured I could go a little more simple. I punched three circles out of coordinated scrapbook paper and added a simple sticker for a monogram. I love putting monograms on gifts and tags. It's easy and stylish.

For the parents I used the same ideas as above- strips of paper, a tag cut from paper, and monogram stickers. I like it.

I still have some wrapping paper left that I will use this year (probably for Spencer's gifts) but from this point forward I am going to stick with the brown paper. It can be customized for any person on any occasion!

I want to show you what's in these packages, since I made the gifts. I don't think anyone in that family reads my blog, but if you do, be warned that later these week I will be posting photos of the gifts and don't want to spoil your surprise! : )

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