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Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Rose Wedding Cards

Please excuse the not-so-great photos. I made the cards right before the club met and it was already getting dark when I tried to take pictures.

I decided to go with a wedding theme for card club this month. I cut a small black card from cardstock, and covered it with a black and white patterned paper.
I then made the roses from red cardstock using this tutorial I have linked to before. I don't draw the spiral, I just cut it and round the corners off.

I cut a green leaf from some handmade paper I had in my stash, and attached the roses to the cards.

I also had a lot of these cute little metal wedding sayings I had been given so I could attach them to the cards at no cost.

I am very pleased with how they turned out. They are pretty, cheap, and not time consuming. (I made 10 of them in less than 2 hours.)

What should I make for next month's card club? I should get started early this month!


I want to give away one of the new headbands I have been making. BUT I want to reach 200 fans on Facebook first! I am currently at 172 fans so I only need 28 more. Become a fan if you want to be able to enter the contest!


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