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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Book Page Flower Tutorial

As part of my book page Valentines Day decor I made these lovely paper flowers. Aren't they so pretty?

All of the credit for the following tutorial goes to Dawn at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.

First, cut eight flower shapes from your paper. I did four out of cardstock and 4 out of a book page. I punched circles and then scalloped the edges by hand to make the flower shapes.

If you are using cardstock, spray it lightly with water so it is more pliable. (You may want to use a paper towel so they color doesn't bleed onto your counter top. Just sayin'.)

Crumple each flower shape, then smooth it back out.

Stack each flower onto a brad. Be sure to start with the paper you want in the middle of the flower. I started with a book page and then alternated with the red cardstock.

Close the brad and it should now look like this.

Starting with the top layer, squish the paper around the brad in the center.

Continue for each layer until the entire flower is scrunched together.

Now flatten the petals back out just slightly until the flower takes the shape you want it to. If you have used wet cardstock, it will harden nicely into the shape when it dries.

I made 7 flowers and will be putting one on each person's plate at my Valentines dinner.

I still have 2 more book page Valentines crafts to post. I made book page hearts to hang from my chandelier and some 3-D book page and cardstock hearts for the center piece. If you haven't seen my garland yet, click here to check it out!

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