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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Call for December Sponsors!

This is a great opportunity for small blogs/Etsy shops, etc. to get a little more exposure.

Yellow Blackbird is still small but is growing bigger literally every day. I currently have a little over 470 followers (check the side bar for the most current number) and receive between 8,000-10,000 visitors per month.

I post at least 3-4 times per week and link to many blog parties, including "What I Wore" at Pleated Poppy which brings a lot of traffic to my blog.

I am going to offer ad space for the rest of 2011 for only $5 per month. At the end of December I will reevaluate my stats and adjust the price accordingly, if needed.

This price also includes 1 blog post about your blog/shop/etc. sometime during the month.

Maximum ad space is 185 X 185 pixels. Email me if you are interested! Your ad will go live as soon as I get it!

I will only be accepting family friendly, G rated ads!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Embellished Brown Paper Packages

Wrapping gifts is not one my talents. Most of the time my presents come out looking horrible. I tend to stick with gift bags (usually ones that someone has already given me, including the tissue paper!). This year I decided to skip all the wrapping paper and bows and go with simple brown "Kraft" paper as my blank canvas. Now I can be creative and have fun!

I had to make these particular gifts flat without much dimension because I was sending them home on a long road trip over Thanksgiving weekend with Spencer's sister's family and I didn't want the wrappings to get squished.

If you want to make your gift all coordinate, consider buying a few sheets of matching scrapbook paper, stickers, and a little bit of ribbon. All the paper I used was from the same line so the gift somewhat go together.

This one turned out to by my favorite. I used a simple strip of paper with the word lyrics, some neat letter stickers, and some holly leaf stickers. So quick and easy, yet personalized and cute!

This one used another strip of the paper and a few strands of ribbon that are each taped to the back of the package. The tag came printed on the paper. After the photos were already taken I filled in the to and from.

The present for Anne is the first one I did, and obviously I was more ambitous at the beginning. I painted the snowflakes on the package using a stencil. I added a ribbon and another tag cut from the paper. I finished it off with letter stickers to spell out the name of the recipient.

This was for a nephew (rather than the other three for nieces) so I figured I could go a little more simple. I punched three circles out of coordinated scrapbook paper and added a simple sticker for a monogram. I love putting monograms on gifts and tags. It's easy and stylish.

For the parents I used the same ideas as above- strips of paper, a tag cut from paper, and monogram stickers. I like it.

I still have some wrapping paper left that I will use this year (probably for Spencer's gifts) but from this point forward I am going to stick with the brown paper. It can be customized for any person on any occasion!

I want to show you what's in these packages, since I made the gifts. I don't think anyone in that family reads my blog, but if you do, be warned that later these week I will be posting photos of the gifts and don't want to spoil your surprise! : )

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 for 30 Remix Week 2

It's week 2 of my 30 for 30 remix. To see week 1 click here, and to see all the clothes I picked click here.
These first two outfits I actually wore week 1 but never got pictures so I recreated them. The photos turned out terrible. I look like I have a huge head so I had to crop it out below. Anywho... layering a cardi over a sweater made for a cozy outfit.


I like the polka dots together. I think they are far enough apart that they don't clash. I have only ever worn this skirt with brown so adding black was kind of fun. However, keeping the sweater tucked in and smooth all day was awful. I think that only works with flowy skirts.


More dots on dots! I layered this shirt over the dress, which I have never done before. I am wearing the raspberry Blooming Sash Belt (get it for 15% off with code YellowFriday BTW). I am ok with how this turned out.


Not very exciting, but at least I was shopping my closet and wore something new, right?


Okay, I might look a little Ronald McDonald but this was so fun to wear! I wore it to school on a "free dress" day and sooo many people (including the kids) complimented me on my boots! I hope they weren't making fun of me. : ) I am loving red and yellow together!


Since this outfit was sort of voluminous on top maybe I should have worn boots on the bottom to better balance it out. I do like the belted blazer, you?


This is what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner. I felt like dressing up a little bit, and to be honest I wore this because it allows for a lot of eating! No pants to become too tight and no one can see the food baby, ha ha! (I really hate the term "food baby." Yuck!). I think the cardi would have looked good belted but that would defeat the purpose so I piled on the leaf necklaces instead. I am sporting my Jo Tote camera bag!


A lot of occasions are calling for this sweater so I added the black scarf to try to change it a little from how I wore it before.


I have worn this outfit before, but took away the belt and added the scarf and yellow shoes to change it up. It really is all about accessories.

Well, I am about half way through the 30 for 30, but remember at the beginning I said I would probably just do 3 weeks instead of the full 30? This is going to be my last week. By then I will be up to about 23 outfits. Holiday parties will be in full swing and I will want to be wearing certain things (aka sparkles and red pants!!!) that aren't included in this remix.

Since I know you all care SO much about my red pants (NOT!) here's an update: I decided that they don't fit very well at all. They are too big and I spent so much time looking for long ones, but in the skinny style I don't need longs. I got back online (New York and Co) and saw that the pants are $10 cheaper than they were when I bought them the first time so I ordered them again in a different size and will just return the first pair to the store. More waiting!

Reminder: You have until Monday night to get 15% off at my Etsy shop with code YELLOWFRIDAY. I thought the code name was so clever, ha ha!

Friday, November 25, 2011


It's official! It's Christmastime! And with that comes holiday shopping! I am joining in the madness that is Black Friday weekend by offering 15% off your entire order from my Etsy shop, Yellow Blackbird! Enter code YELLOWFRIDAY to receive the discount.This offer is good through the end of Cyber Monday.

The first 5 customers to mention the Yellow Blackbird blog or Facebook page in the message to seller on Black Friday ONLY will receive a FREE wire bird's nest charm in your choice of red, gold, pink, burgundy, silver, bright blue, turquoise, dark blue, dark purple, or black.
Here are some of the great gifts you can find at Yellow Blackbird:

A Different Kind of Pearl Bracelet. It also comes in a necklace in pearl, pink, black, turquoise, and blue.

The popular Anthro bracelet kit or finished bracelet

And of course my signature Blooming Sash Belt available in a wide variety of colors.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coat Closet: Organized

We have been on an organizing frenzy at our house lately. I am much more inclined to clean this time of year instead of the spring. I want my home clean for the holidays and if I am going to be cooped up inside all winter, I don't want to be in a mess!

One of the projects I did on Saturday was organize the coat closet since I am now using it every day. We had all of the mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats in a plastic tub in the top of closet. Any time we needed something we had to stir through the mess, and it was particularly hard when short on time in the morning.

My solution to this problem was to buy an over the door shoe organizer. I got one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. With the 20% off coupon that always comes in the mail it was only about $12. Sooooo worth it!

All of the gloves and mittens have their mate, and everything is easy to see. I have only been using it for two days but it has been so helpful to find the right color of gloves and just go!

If your winter gear is in need of an overhaul, I would highly recommend this method! I just love looking at it! All the neatly organized bright colors just make me happy (including my red rain boots!) AND I have more space in the top of the closet now!

In case you are wondering... yes, I will be doing a Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale this weekend for all items in my Etsy shop. There will be percents off and even free gifts for the early birds! Come back late Thursday night to be the first in line!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 for 30 Week 1

I didn't get this up as soon as I would have liked because I was at the crazy Old Navy sale. All adult outerwear was on sale 75% off. The checkout line was 1 hour long. I did snag some good deals, so I guess it was worth it. Did anyone else go?

I had a fun time with 30 for 30 this week. There's actually 2 outfits that I wore that I didn't get pictures of so to make my record complete I'll put them on again sometime next week so I can get photos. With the holiday break this week, I will get many more days of jeans in the remix.


I was so excited that it rained so I could wear my rain boots. Aren't they cute?

This dress has been one of my favorite pieces this fall.

I love this photo. I actually cheated a little bit here by adding the cream tank under the jacket, but the undershirt I had just wasn't modest enough. The best thing I have learned from all these outfit photos for the past year, it's mixing neutrals. BTW, I was slightly inspired by this.

My mom altered this dress for me today so next time I wear it, it will be knee length. I liked this color combo. Several of the bloggers I follow wore striped skirts on the same day... funny!

I really liked this one. I needed to wear this new scarf from Forever 21 and it worked to mix these patterns together, no? (Plus I was having a fantastic hair day!)

I am so glad I wore flat boots and light layers today for the craziness that was Old Navy. (And I will blame that on this bad hair day!)

If you want to see where these clothes are from, or all the pieces I am remixing click here. I will have time to get all caught up on my photos (and shouldn't miss any) this week since I only have to work two days! Next week I should have 8-9 more outfits. Fun stuff!

P.S. I ordered some red pants from New York and Co. They should be here Tuesday. If they fit, I will NOT be waiting until my 30 for 30 is over to wear them!! : )

P.P.S. If you like my outfits or feel inspired, why not pin them and share with others? : )

Friday, November 18, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Pins

I haven't had too many projects to share on the blog lately because I have been busy filling Yellow Blackbird orders. However, I did make some cards with some paper quilling to share, and tomorrow Amber is coming back so we can make more ear warmers so those should be coming up soon.

In the meantime, I want to share some of the funnest things I have found on Pinterest lately.

I love these book shelves! I want to make some for my craft room!

Isn't this a beautiful scarf?? I believe you can buy it on Etsy if you click through all the links. Would also be fun to use as an inspiration piece to make your own.

You know my obsession with book page crafts...

You also know I am a little bit of a sci-fi nerd too, what with the Tron costume and all... I love Star Wars too. I think husband and I will be making these for Family Home Evening soon.

I don't know if I have the skills to pull this off, but it's sooo pretty!!

If you are interested in following me, find all my boards here.

Be sure to check in tomorrow to see how I am doing on my 30 for 30 remix!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twenty Thou

Twenty Thou is an Internet jewelry, accessories, and gifts shop ran by Nicold. Her goal is to sell 20,000 items over the next few years to help her get out of debt. Now that is a cause I can support! I love that she working hard for this cause and not just asking for handouts (read her story in her own words here).

Here's a few of the pretty pieces you can find at Twenty Thou.

The I Love Lariet I necklace

The Quiet Lemon-Lime bangle, which is part of a collection. The bangles can be stacked, but because they are wrapped, they don't make any noise.

Get your Christmas lists out and head over to Twenty Thou!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY Ear Warmers

This fall I have really come to love ear warmers. I bought a yellow crochet one from Forever 21 (as seen on me here). So when my friend Amber shared Delia's tutorial for ear warmers through Pinterest I knew I had to make one.

Delia actually has others that I like better (check out her tutorials) but this is the one that I pinned. (Not that this one isn't darling!)

Amber brought several colors fleece and she let me use this pretty orange color.

I made the flower by cutting out a variety of circles and stacking them. I then bunched up the bottom and sewed it together.

Aren't they cute? Amber made a gray one like Delia's.

It was so fun! Thanks Amber!

I'll probably be making more... can't wait to share them with you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall 30 for 30 picks

Last winter I participated in Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 style remix. It was a lot of fun and I learned a bit about my wardrobe and style (see weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4). I also participated last summer, but it was an epic failure so I dropped out. I really don't like summer clothes. This summer was especially hard because none of the shorts from the year before fit me anymore and I didn't want to buy new shorts that I could wear for only 3 months. But fall and winter are my FAVORITE times to dress! I have several new peices this season that I can't wait to mix right up. I have been waiting for Kendi to do another challenge, but she hasn't so I am doing it on my own (and anyone who wants to join me like I said earlier today).

So here it goes!


From left to right: H&M, H&M, H&M, Old Navy, Hand-me-down


Gap, Shade (thrifted), Ross, Gap
(Yeah, they are all pretty much the same shirt!)


Target, local boutique, Old Navy, Ross, Forever 21


Old (don't remember), Papaya, Coldwater Creek, Gap (thrifted)

Yes, I did pick three brown jackets!


Old, Target, Ross, Old

Old Navy, Maurices, Gap

I have a few things in there that I have had for so long that I don't even remember where they come from. There's also a couple of things that I have never worn before (or just once or twice) so I think I have a good mix.

You noticed I didn't pick any shoes?
That's because I like to make my own rules. I only chose 25 items and will have unlimited access to my shoes. I likely will wear the same 3 pairs of boots the whole time, but shoes are pretty much accessories anyway.

I will also swap out that pair of jeans for any others and not feel bad (I may want to go flair instead of skinny).

I may only go for 25 days with my 25 picks. We'll be into holiday party season by then and I may want to wear my sparkly stuff. I wish I would have started a little earlier in November....

Come back next Saturday to see how my first week went! You can link up your outfits too! The best way to do that of course, would be to follow! : )


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