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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What I Wore

Sometimes in real life when people mention my blog I worry that they think I am vain, taking pictures of my clothes and posting them on the Internet and all. But I don't mean to be vain. I just really love getting dressed. It's an art form. It's a way to be creative every day even if I don't have time for crafting, photography, or some other art. I don't have many photos this week but I did love some of the outfits I put together.

I did wear my red pants this week but didn't get a photo : (

If you use Pinterest at all and ever look at "women's apparel" you will recognize this outfit. It's pinned a ton. I completely copied it from her. And probably matched 99 other women that day too. But I did add my own touches. The gray tights, boots, and black belt? All me.

The most creative part of this outfit was the necklace. I wanted something shiny that had dimension. So I wore a necklace backwards. The other side has brightly colored flowers.

I don't know that I will wear something like this again. The tucked in cardi was cute but super uncomfortable. And this skirt is just too short for my liking (what you see giving it length is a slip sticking out from underneath). It got put in the donation pile.

H&M striped top, F21 cardi, Charlotte Russe necklace, Ross belt, hand me down skirt, Forever Young boots, and tights from some little store at Union Station in D.C.

We got home after it was dark this day, but I wanted to take pictures anyway because I really loved this outfit. First time wearing the red tights was interesting. I just loved when people would see my legs, look awkwardly up to my face, then down to my legs again. It's called "red" people.
I have had this dress for ages so it was fun to style it in a new way. I coordinated the red tights with the little beads in my necklace and earlier in the day I had a matching lip color too.

Target dress, Papaya jacket, Walmart tights, Steve Madden boots, necklace from a local boutique courtesy of my mom.

I'll be linking this post up with Momma Go Round and Pleated Poppy!

P.S. If you want to see another outfit I wore this week click here. It was practically the same except I wear pants, not leggings and my boots aren't as tall. It was a Pinterest inspired week for me!

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