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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Bridal Shower

This week my mom and aunt (and I helped a little too!) put on a bridal shower for my sister-in-law to-be. Every shower is a masterpiece with these two! They create fabulous buffet tables.

For this shower, they chose a red geranium picnic theme- perfect for summer. Notice the neutral table cloths that help the red flowers pop.

To create the levels, put a table cloth on the table, then place Styrofoam wedges and/or sturdy boxes around the table. (These Styrofoam wedges were created, I believe, from a flat screen TV package. Good way to recycle!)

Next, put a matching table cloth over the wedges and boxes. Place your matching dishes on the wedges and flat part of the table. We usually weave some kind of greenery or garland around the dishes. Sometimes we use tea light candles in the spread to add some atmosphere.

Doesn't it look beautiful? The large water jug on the end really adds a lot (I think this one is from Costco.) This leaves the hostesses free from having to refill water pitchers and doesn't make too much mess. (Just make sure you have a dish under the jar to catch any spills.)

Mmmm..... yummy desserts! Mini cupcakes, fruit pizza squares, and daisy sugar cookies. (I made the cookies, but my cute sister-in-law decorated them for me.)

I think a good plate rack is a must-have for entertaining. Not only does it look nice, but it saves space on the table so you can fit more.

A candy station is a great way to do party favors. Find candy in colors that match your theme in put them in clear glass apothecary jars. Provide bags or boxes with a thank you message so that guests can create their own cute favors.

Some of us like shower games, and some of us don't. We decided to do one game for this shower and it turned out great! (This was my main contribution to the shower.) It is a candy bar matching game. Guests draw a slip of paper with a wedding phrase on it. They have to match that phrase with the candy bar that describes it. If they are correct, they get to keep their candy bar. It gives everyone a prize!

Butterfingers- first date interactions
Pay Day- Wedding ring purchase date
Twix- Bachelor Party pranks
Mounds- gifts
Big Hunk- groom
Sweethearts- the bride and groom
Lifesavers- parents
Sugar Daddy- Father of the Bride
Runts OR Jr. Mints- Flower girl and ring bearer
100 Grand- the reception
Fast break- leaving the reception
Zero- Post wedding bank accounts
Rocky Road- the first year
Airheads- bridesmaids
Ring pop- wedding ring
Symphony- first dance
Hot tamales- the bride
5th Avenue- dress shop
Treasures- wedding photos
Almond Joy- Happily Ever After
Kisses- You may now kiss the bride
Three Musketeers- groomsman
Twizzlers- tie the knot
Nerds- In-laws (only works if in-laws are giving the shower!)
Bliss- wedded bliss
Goobers- friends who decorate the car
Whoppers- the bill for the wedding

For my gift, I created a basket of kitchen items in the bride's kitchen colors- red and black. I used a red dishpan and filled it with dish towels, a pitcher, oven mitts, a juicer, measuring cups, and a spoon rest.

I wrapped it in cellophane and tied it with a variety of red and black ribbons.

I made a black and white card and put the bride and groom's initials on the front of it with red stickers.

It was a great shower. My mom and aunt do awesome work!

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