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Friday, December 16, 2011

Be Inspired|Get Creative

I would like to start sharing inspiring links that I find with you to help you be inspired to create. It will be a few times a month on Fridays... that way we can all be ready for a creative weekend!

Creativity and Color:
If you haven't seen this article called "How to Steal Like an Artist" hurry go! Read it! I love it so much! My favorite is #1. I love sharing and collecting ideas. I really don't like it when a blogger posts a tutorial with a notice that it isn't to be reproduced for sale, especially when it's for something like a flower that could be used in a myriad of ways. Did the blogger really have the idea all on her own? She designed the fabric, invented the needle, created the idea of a basting stitch and came up with the fabric flower trend? I think not. She got the ideas from someone else. If a crafter uses that tutorial to make a flower and then uses it in an entirely new way and sales that product on Etsy what is the harm in that? If you don't want your idea shared, don't put it on the Internet! (Don't hate me if you disagree.) I love the article so much that I already pre-ordered the book. It's very cheap on Amazon.

Fresh color combos for outfits, but can apply to ANYTHING.

Amazing website to help you find that perfect color pallete.

DIY & Crafts:
Here's a lot of ideas on repurposing that soon to be outdated calendar.

Fabulous ideas on using a trash to treasure approach to decorating.


I found a favorite new style blog. Check out Hello Monkeyface for some great style inspiration!

Awesome ideas for getting more use out of your tights.

Monkeyface has a great series on bloggers who take their own style pictures. It's really inspiring and led to me finding a lot of new fun blogs.

Diversons is one of the blogs with a detailed article on self-photography.

Want to take perfect photos of your Christmas tree? Emilie teaches you how.

Super creative ideas for Christmas treats.

Now, go and create!

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