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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I Wore

I don't have time to write anything to go with this because I am off to a photography workshop! Wahoo!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

YOUR Accordion Strands and a lot of blabbering

Several of you have now tried the Accordion Strands Anthropologie knock-off tutorial. Check out these lovelies for more inspiration to make your own!

This leopard print version is by Melissa at Ador.

I love the hot pink! Find this one at Heidi's Hobby.

I want to make a yellow one like this one at Salt and Pepper.

Again, here is the one found at Two Carolina Nesters.

Go tell these bloggers what a great job they did on the project!

I have been doing A TON of research and "Googling" looking for upcycled and repurposed projects (neither of which is a real word) for a church activity I am making. I am going to have some incredible projects to share with you! I have found some amazing stuff out there. If you click here I will give you a tantalizing peek at the inspiration for an upcoming project. Although I hope mine is half as good as this project is! And please save your tp holders for me...

I am so worn out tonight. I am continuing to write so that I can procrastinate going to the grocery store. I want to finish listening to the BYU game before I go- there's only a few minutes left. Yes, husband, I am listening to the BYU game all by myself. But you will never know because you never read this blog. He said he would read it if I ever wrote about deep thoughts or something but how will he know if I blog about my deep thoughts if he never reads it?

Earlier tonight a salesman or someone came to my door. I never answer if I am home alone. I just peek out the window and watch until they leave. We have a No Soliciting sign so it irks me to no end when someone comes. As I am peering out the window I SWEAR I heard the guy trying the knob. I almost passed out! I was SO scared! In a millisecond I formulated a plan to run out the garage door so he couldn't get me. Then he walked away and it took 10 minutes for my heart to slow down.

The game is in commercial now so I will tell you another story about a salesman. Last week I was expecting my SIL so when the doorbell rang I flung the door open all excited-like. It was not her. It was some dude wanting me to sign a petition. Correction- he wanted my parents to sign the petition. He asked if my mom and dad were home. This happened to husband once and he just said no they are not and closed the door. Hilarious! I was annoyed so I gave the guy a stern look and explained that I was the homeowner, thank you very much. He gaped at me and just looked stupid. Finally he asked how old I was. I acted all offended and said that I didn't feel comfortable telling him that. Dur. Did he think I was a 16-year-old homeowner or something? Don't people know that "soliciting" means asking for something, not just money. So ANYTHING you are asking for at my door violates my No Soliciting sign. *Sigh*

Oh man, overtime!!! I wonder if it will be over by the time I get to the store... Dang it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shop Your Closet: Jackets and Skirts

Shop Your Closet is a feature where I find an outfit I like and then go shopping in my closet to recreate it. This way I am exercising my creativity without spending any money.

Somehow I only got one picture of what I wore this week so I am doing Shop Your Closet instead.

Recently, Ruby Mines did this great post about wearing jackets with dresses for spring. There is one outfit with a denim jacket that reminded me of the blazer I have. While my outfit looks nothing like the examples I still found some inspiration there.

The skirt is handmade by my mom, and everything I have had for a long time except the Steve Madden boots.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Wore: 2 weeks worth and a lot of yays!

Yay for spring! Even though it's not technically spring, we all want to think that it is so I dressed like Spring many days. This is my first What I Wore post of March so this is two weeks worth of outfits.

Yay! Bare legs! I wore this outfit today because it reached 60 degrees! I usually wear this skirt with brown shoes and a brown top but decided to go mis-matching like all the fashion bloggers say to and wore navy and mustard with it. I liked it.

I already showed this outfit when I posted about my plastic cup necklace. Go ahead! Check it out! Click the link!

I just love this jacket so I got it in a couple of times on the warmer days.

Let me tell you the story of these shoes... my mom bought them. She let me borrow them once I think. Then I was never allowed to wear them again. BUT she hardly wore them either so I went and bought my own pair. They have little jewels all around them. I tend to forget about them for awhile and then go crazy wearing them a lot like I did this week.

Dare I post this photo? I was headed to the skating rink for a school activity. (I am a jr. high teacher and apparently wanted to blend right in.)

This is the dress I bought for my wedding dinner. I wanted to accessorize it and like how it turned out.

Simple for a Sunday afternoon (also wore to work with a dif necklace a week later). I have had this sweater all winter trying to do a refashion. I gave up and just wore it plain.

Lovin' the bright colors of spring! Wore this on my Thursday night movie date to see TRON last week! YAY TRON!!!

I totally broke one of my own rules by wearing opened toed shoes on March 1st. Oh well.

I just realized that I forgot to write where I bought everything and stuff. If you are curious about something leave a comment and I will answer you. I have to jet off to turbo kick class because I need a good workout in the worst way!

Linking up with Pleated Poppy.

Have a great week, friends!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Plastic Cup Necklace

I found this tutorial over at Aunt Peaches for what she calls Swiss Candy Jewelry made out of plastic cups. I loved the idea, so I used the tutorial to make my own necklace.

I used cups that my mom had leftover from a few years ago when she had a birthday party for me. I followed the tutorial, except I cut the cups into circles and only punched one small hole in the top with an eyelet setter. I put mine in the toaster oven at 180 degrees for about 30 seconds. I didn't want the pieces to curl too much.

I wore it to church on Sunday with this polka dot top which was a hand-me-down! Gotta love free stuff (the shirt and the necklace).

I knew you would be dying to see my entire outfit and wouldn't be able to wait until tomorrow when I post what I wear, so I thought I would be nice and give a sneak peak. Ha ha!

I love how it turned out actually!


1. Aunt Peaches gives some info and warnings about melting plastic. It could have been something else but I sure felt woozy while making this necklace. Once I opened a window I was okay. Melt the plastic at your own risk!

2. Some tiny little cuts have appeared on my hands. I think they are from the necklace. Because I didn't want the shapes to curl and took them out of the oven quickly, I don't think the edges all smoothed out. Or maybe they were just from cutting the cups and I didn't notice.

So... I wouldn't let your kids make this project, but it was a fun experiment and I think it's cute!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shop Your Closet: Mixing Patterns

Shop Your Closet is a feature where I find an outfit I like and then go shopping in my closet to recreate it. This way I am exercising my creativity without spending any money.

A month or so ago a local television show did a feature on mixing patterns. Their tips to mix patterns are the following:

1. Mix florals with geometric patterns
2. Choose a theme (like nautical)
3. Choose a color scheme

Click here to read the whole article and watch the video.

When this article came out I was in the middle of 30 for 30 so I tried to follow the advice with what I had in my 30 for 30 picks.

I sort of went with the nautical theme in this one, but not really. It is mixing the geometric and floral patterns though.

In this one I chose a color scheme and mixed the geometric and floral again.

Finally, I used the same shirt again to mix geometric with floral.

Now that 30 for 30 is over I need to go through the rest of my clothes and find other ways to do this. It was fun!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Heart Faces: People's Choice

The I Heart Faces challenge this week is any favorite photo taken in February. This is my favorite photo from the month. My friend Amber and I went on a photo walk together and I got this great picture of her reflection. Isn't it a neat photo?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shopping (and thrifting) again!

First off, WOW! Thanks so much for your warm response to my Anthropoligie Accordion Strands Knock-Off tutorial! Thanks for all the nice comments and welcome to the new followers. I have to give a shout out to Sara from Two Carolina Nesters who has already made a necklace. Please go give her some love! Also a big thanks to Copycat Crafts, Homepodge, and Flamingo Toes (and anyone else I haven’t seen) for featuring me.

Well, I did it. I didn't buy anything in January and February. Two whole months is a long time for me! I am going to be much more conservative with my spending the rest of the year, than I was last year. Read more about that here.

I had to take back my Valentine's Day present because it didn't work. I exchanged it for these sandals from Walmart.

I took a trip to the thrift store and found this cute t-shirt from Shade for $4. Those wide nautical stripes are so in right now. It was in really good shape. Like new. I couldn't resist. I used the rest of my Valentine's money for it.

I also found this coat. I am a sucker for a cute coat. I don't have a pink one, and I am a pink girl at heart. It's Anne Taylor Loft and in great condition. I couldn't resist. It was $8 and the only thing that counts on my spending so far this year.

I also bought something for my Halloween costume, but you'll have to wait until October to know about that on! I keep my costume ideas under lock and key!

I hope you are having a good weekend! I got to see TRON again this week!! Ever tried going to the dollar theater on a Thursday night? Best idea ever! I am going to see if Spencer will take me next Thursday to see Tangled again!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Party Inspiration

While browsing the web last weekend I found some amazing birthday party ideas that I just had to share.

#1 Tron: Legacy birthday party found at Living Locurto. I LOVE Tron, I mean REALLY LOVE Tron, so I LOVED this party!

Look at the cool cupcake toppers and labels. They are available through links on the site.

How creative are these cupcake stands? I love the glow sticks under the glasses. What a great idea! This party is so cool, it isn't even fair.

#2 Pop Art Super Hero party from Hostess Blog. My student council is planning a super hero activity for our school. We will definitely be using this party as inspiration.

I love these cake balls! Be sure to check out the original post to see all the gorgeous photos and other food ideas.

Check out that cake! WOW!!!!! I want to be a party planner when I grow up.

#3 Toy Story from Oopsey Daisey. This is soooo cute!

I love this subway art. It will be a fun keepsake. Even the wrapping paper matches!

A great party is in the details, isn't it? I love the army men hanging from the ceiling.

Can I throw Spencer a party like this? His birthday is coming up in May. Every man needs a kid-themed party for his 27th birthday, right? Or is it okay to throw myself a birthday party with a great theme? That gives me until July to prepare....

If you were featured, you can grab a button here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 for 30: week 4

Click here for week 1, week 2, week 3, and all my picks.


It took 23 days of this to notice that these two shirts had the same color of pink. Sad.
That is why we remix.

If you are new here, see the shirt tutorial


I put these pants in 30 for 3o so I would wear them more. I think I wore them 3 or 4 times this month- that is an improvement.

This was the first day I wore my Anthropoligie Accordion Strands Knock-Off Necklace. Click here for the tutorial.

I had to wear the necklace again. I also learned that I can wear my gray boots under my gray pants and it doesn't look terrible.


Lots of layering for a snowy day. I feel like I have been wearing the same colors over and over so I threw in this green belt.

I really liked how this turned out. I doubt I ever would have worn this if not for the remix.


So, this week on Kendi's blog I saw that she wore 2 different outfits in 1 day for different occasions. I have done that several times this month, without taking pictures, so that I wasn't cheating. I decided to put this outfit back on that I wore Sunday after church and count it. I actually did about 35 outfits when it is all said and done.


I can't believe I made it all the way to 29 without wearing this basic combo. I guess I ran out of creative juices.


I am so glad I put this skirt in the mix. Like I said before, I have only ever worn it with white tops and white or yellow shoes. It was fun to experiment and find new ways to wear it that I love.

If you are new here, click here for the socks tutorial.

Whew! It's over! I don't know how I feel. I am proud of myself for being creative and not giving up. I now know that I don't have to buy tons of clothes to make a lot of great outfits. It's kind of been a security blanket. This afternoon I put everything back in my closet in the correct place. I was kind of intimidated to see everything that my closet holds. Too many choices.

I have no idea what to wear tomorrow.

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