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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Wore

30 for 30 started this week! I am only going to post the pictures of my outfits weekly like I have been doing anyway. I only have a few pictures from last week but I really tried to wear things that I knew I might miss that didn't make it into 30 for 30. To see the clothes I picked for the remix, click here.

This is what I wore to church. I am always so cold so I have to wear my coat the whole time so I thought I would include it in the picture.

Do you ever get dressed and think, "wow what an outfit!" and then no one compliments you on it all day long? How about when you get dressed and think, "This is as good as it's gonna get," and then get complimented all day long? I didn't think much of this outfit when I put it together but I was practically a celeb at school. I couldn't walk a few feet down the hall without my female students compliementing me. Loved it!

I have been really into this color combo lately. The Valentine's decor at a local deli is red with a touch of light blue. I really loved it so I transfered it into this outfit.

Lastly, I love this dress and hadn't worn it for months. It needed to come out and see the sun so I tried to "winterize" it. I am feeling pretty set for spring. Everywhere I look I see that maxi dresses and floral are all the rage this upcoming season. I have 4 dresses that match that description! : ) ha ha!
Check back next week to see how I am doing with my 30 for 30 remix!

Happy February! Yay! January death month is over!

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