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Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog identity theft

I want my blog to have beautiful pictures of me and my great outfits like Sydney. I want to inspire creativity like Alisa. I want to have an all-around great craft blog like Linda. I want to be a great writer and blog about my deep thoughts like Amber. I want to inspire people to do good like Cheri. I want to have a cute blog and good taste like Ashley. I want to have a blog with gorgeous photos that starts big blog movements like Kendi. I want to have a cool niche like Michelle. I want to have my shop branded and blogged like Lindsey. I want to have my own style like (another) Ashley. I want to have amazing projects like Disney.

But I don't have the schedule or husband who wants to take photos like Sydney. I am not an artist like Alicia. I am not focused enough on crafts to be Linda. I am not as smart as Amber. I don't reach people like Cheri does. I don't have a unique writing style like Ashley. I don't have the means right now to be like Kendi. I don't have an idea or the talent of Michelle. I don't focus my products enough like Lindsey. I don't have the charm that Ashley does. No one is like Disney.

So what do I have?
My own style that I am happy with
Photography that is improving all the time
Some great ideas for refashion, knock-off, and original projects
Some unique ideas that haven't been explored on the blog
My own story to tell

This is me. It's my blog and it doesn't have to be like anyone else.

I have a knock-your-socks-off knock-off project coming up. Look for it tomorrow... hopefully!

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