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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Book Page Hearts

I have 2 more book page Valentine projects to share. They are pretty easy so I didn't include full tutorials, but I have given suggestions.

First, we'll take a look at these book page hearts that I hung from my chandelier.

Second, I'll show you these 3D paper hearts I used for a center piece.

You have probably seen hearts made from strips of paper before- it's not a novel idea. You just need two strips of paper that are the same size and a stapler.

Stack the papers on top of each other, staple the bottoms together. Then pull the papers around to make a heart shape and staple at the other end.

You can add strips of varying lengths to create hearts with multiple layers.

These are all the hearts I made.

I tied them to the chandelier with thread.

Next, are the book page 3D hearts. Also simple. Cut as many hearts as you like that are all the same size. I used four hearts. Fold each heart in half. Glue the sides of each heart to another heart. Open up and viola!

I put my hearts in a simple glass vase for a center peice, but the jar seemed too short for the table.

I found this glass bowl in my cupboard that was the same size as the jar.

I sat the jar on the bowl and it looks like a fancy vase!

I'll be putting two candles on either side.

Come back later and I will show you my finished table setting!
Happy Valentines Weekend!

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