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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My birthday is in July. I have never got to celebrate it at school. It was always forgotten as a student, and even now as a teacher. Until now. My sweet sweet friends at work had a half-birthday party for me this year. I got to have cake and even got some presents. Everyone gets a nice card and pretty handmade bracelet. It's fun to do at lunchtime.

But I got the sweetest bonus gift. My cute friend Ashley had done some paintings and shown then on her blog. I said how cute I thought they were and how it would look cute in my bedroom so she painted me my very own for my half- birthday!

Isn't it so cute? She says she is not an artist, but this is what creating is all about!

I rearranged the items on my beadboard headboard and it looks so cute front and center!

Thanks Ash!

Bonus points if you counted how many times I said "cute" or "sweet" in this post!

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