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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween!! Quorra from Tron and Clark Kent Costumes

My Halloween costume this year was Quorra from the movie Tron: Legacy. As soon as I walked out of the theater last spring I knew this is what I wanted to be for Halloween.

For the light up effect, I sewed little elastic loops to my clothes and ran EL wire through the loops. The battery pack is in my boot. It looks so cool in the dark. I purchased the identity disc on Amazon and husband built the mount using recycled materials and spray paint

Coolest. Costume. Ever.

I love my Quorra Tron costume!

Spencer went as Clark Kent.

He is so creative. This was kind of a last minute costume and he had the idea to wire the tie so it looked like it was blowing in the wind.

I LOVE dressing up!

Quorra and Clark

And finally, this is my good friend Holly who dressed up as a disco ball. She even had a tape player (yes a tape player) inside the disco ball so she could turn on music!


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