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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shop Your Closet

This week I went shopping in my closet to find an outfit to wear with my khakis and this is what I came up with. I followed some of the tips in the article from Already Pretty that I linked you to last week, such as the cognac boots. But I really went out a limb and wore red with tan. This was a stretch for me, not only because I don't want to look a Target employee, but because the kids at my school wear red and tan as part of their uniform and I don't want to match or be mixed with the students. The brown jacket solved that problem.

I started with the pants, of course, then added the boots. As I was rummaging around for a shirt, I found the red and though, why not? But this shirt pretty much has wings so I needed something to make it look more fitting. Last time (and the time before) that I wore this I used a black belt so I wanted something different. The jacket was just the thing.

Throw in a green bracelet for some color and voila!

Did you try out your khakis? Or shop your closet in any other way? Link up below!

NEXT SHOPPING TRIP: SCARF I am going to plan an outfit around one (or two) of the new scarves I have that I haven't worn yet.

Be inspired to join in:

Make it the focus of your outfit.

Mix your patterns like Jessica.

Go neutral with a pop like this.

Add a pretty pattern like Emerald.

Tie it in a bow.

Or one of these 25 ways.


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