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Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 for 30 Week 1

I didn't get this up as soon as I would have liked because I was at the crazy Old Navy sale. All adult outerwear was on sale 75% off. The checkout line was 1 hour long. I did snag some good deals, so I guess it was worth it. Did anyone else go?

I had a fun time with 30 for 30 this week. There's actually 2 outfits that I wore that I didn't get pictures of so to make my record complete I'll put them on again sometime next week so I can get photos. With the holiday break this week, I will get many more days of jeans in the remix.


I was so excited that it rained so I could wear my rain boots. Aren't they cute?

This dress has been one of my favorite pieces this fall.

I love this photo. I actually cheated a little bit here by adding the cream tank under the jacket, but the undershirt I had just wasn't modest enough. The best thing I have learned from all these outfit photos for the past year, it's mixing neutrals. BTW, I was slightly inspired by this.

My mom altered this dress for me today so next time I wear it, it will be knee length. I liked this color combo. Several of the bloggers I follow wore striped skirts on the same day... funny!

I really liked this one. I needed to wear this new scarf from Forever 21 and it worked to mix these patterns together, no? (Plus I was having a fantastic hair day!)

I am so glad I wore flat boots and light layers today for the craziness that was Old Navy. (And I will blame that on this bad hair day!)

If you want to see where these clothes are from, or all the pieces I am remixing click here. I will have time to get all caught up on my photos (and shouldn't miss any) this week since I only have to work two days! Next week I should have 8-9 more outfits. Fun stuff!

P.S. I ordered some red pants from New York and Co. They should be here Tuesday. If they fit, I will NOT be waiting until my 30 for 30 is over to wear them!! : )

P.P.S. If you like my outfits or feel inspired, why not pin them and share with others? : )


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