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Monday, August 29, 2011

Shop Your Closet

This week's challenge was to wear something monochromatic. This was the first challenge that I didn't already secretly have something in mind to wear. I wanted to cheat and wear this again, but instead I cheated and wore black with all my pinks.

I figured that the skirt was already monochromatic, I would just accessorize it to be more so. I have had this skirt since 2002. I wore it for my senior portraits in high school! I have only ever worn it with black so I added the pink blazer, shoes, and handmade plastic cup necklace. Not my favorite outfit ever, but I successfully shopped my closet! I have had the shoes since 2005 and the blazer since probably about '06 or '07 and have never worn these pieces together.

Everything is so old that I really don't remember where much of it came from. I think the blazer is from Vanity and the rest from department stores.

How did you do? Grab a button and link up below!

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NEXT WEEK'S CHALLENGE: Dress up a t-shirt. I used to wear a ton of graphic t-shirts and hoodies. I then drastically changed my style to where I rarely wear those items besides when working out. I still have a few t-shirts that don't get much use so this week I am going to pull together a nice outfit using one of those tees.

Here's ten tips for dressing up a t-shirt.

In this video, the lovely Jessica Quirk from What I Wore, mixes a t-shirt into a nice outfit.

Don't know if my weather would permit this, but check out this pin.

And finally, this pin takes the t-shirt to the office.

Good luck!


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