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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Wore in DC

I missed my regular outfit post this week because I was in Washington D.C. Actually, I have been gone for ten days but I scheduled some posts so you wouldn't miss me too much.

Dressing for vacations is hard for me. I want to be comfortable and cool which to me means not too many accessories, good walking shoes, and not many layers. Any tips?

I didn't take specific outfit pictures, I just hoped I would get some decent ones. Turned out that wasn't a good plan. Below are the best pictures I have of each outfit. Some are too far away, others have husband in them, and one isn't even a full body shot. :)

At Mount Vernon I wore a light Target shirt, Maurices cargo shorts, and my Toms.

At the library of Congress I wore this Ross tank and DownEast black tee with my pink shorts that I have blogged about a lot lately (and are shown below).

To visit the monuments I wore an Old Navy blouse, Target cardigan, Shade shorts, and Target sandals. It poured rain about a half an hour later. We were soaked to the bone. I have never been that wet in my clothes!

At Gettysburg I wore a button up red shirt (from some cheap mall store in another state), Old Navy skinnies, Old Navy jacket, Charlotte Russe belt, Target shoes. We got rained on here too.

This photo is at Union Station. I normally wouldn't wear these shoes with this outfit but I needed comfort by this day. These are the thrifted Calvin Klein shorts I mentioned above. I am also wearing Old Navy tank, Kohls cardigan, and Desiel shoes (I cannot spell that).

At the Spy Museum I wore a light blue blouse from Wet Seal, Maurices shorts, and my Toms.

I was with my cute sister-in-law the whole time and should have posted her outfits instead. I felt kind of silly the whole time. But looking back at the photos I guess I didn't do too bad. Why do I let what other people wear determine how I feel about my own outfit? Silly me.


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