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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giant Paper Flower

I made this giant "wallflower" as a decoration for my craft room. I love the contrast of the pink and the bright green (although on my monitor it's looking a little olive green... you?)

I used the same technique that I used in the Valentines' Day book page flowers. Just cut all of the circles a lot bigger. I used 12 X 12 cardstock and traced a mixing bowl. Also be sure to get the cardstock moist (not completely wet) so it scrunches up.

You can see how big it is in comparison to the spoon. I think something like this would be really pretty as a center piece for a wedding or similar event- super cheap and easy. It would be even better with nicer paper, maybe two kinds of paper with contrasting textures...

I think I (husband) will hang it up by putting a nail through the center of the flower where it can't be seen.

If I can ever decide where I want to hang everything.

Don't forget about this week's Shop Your Closet challenge! We are wearing something hardly ever or never worn. I have already worn my outfit. I'll give you a hint... zebra print. Come link up on Saturday!

P.S. I am linking up to these parties.


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