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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shop Your Closet

This week's challenge was to wear something you have never or hardly ever wear. How did you do?

I picked this challenge just so I would make myself wear this belt. I have had it for about one year and have never worn it. I am not sure why. Animal prints are really in right now, I just have a hard time styling this belt.
I picked out an outfit to wear to church and when I put it on that morning it looked horrid. We were already late so I had to just throw something together and this is what I came up with. There's nothing extraordinary about this outfit but at least I wore the belt.

Wearing: Dress: [small local shop that is now out of business and I can't remember it's name], Sweater: Ross; Belt: Ross, Wedges: Hand-me-downs.

NEXT CHALLENGE: This week, let's try a monochromatic look. This one is going to be a bit tough for me because I don't have many colored bottoms.

Be inspired: I love this look from Kendi. I don't know if it's entirely monochromatic, but the accessories look fabulous.

Here are some tips for making this work.

Cute and Little wore a great monochromatic pink outfit recently.

This is a fun all blue outfit.

Come to think of it, I guess this week I wore monochromatic. I will have to go for something other than black. I better head off to my closet and start planning...

Good luck!

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