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Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Shopping Rules

I thought it might be kind of silly to post this.

Then I was tempted a lot last week. Maybe this will give me some accountability.

And it's my blog, right? : )

A few weeks ago, right before Christmas I did a quick closet inventory to see what items I had acquired in 2010. How many shirts, pants, shoes, etc. To say the least, I was really embarrassed. So mortified at the mass amounts of apparel I had gathered that I won't be publishing the numbers. Granted, many items were gifts or purchased with gift money, several were only $1, bought from the thrift store, or a refashion project, but still.

I used to be such a tightwad with money and have slowly been loosening the padlock on my wallet. So much so that my husband has not only been raising his eyebrow at my purchases, but actually commenting on them. Gasp! That has never happened before. It's time to make a change.

First, I have resolved to not buy anything in the month of January. I need to exercise some self-control. The month is more than half over and I have been doing great (until a few days ago when I found myself in the dressing room at Ross. Yikes! But I didn't purchase).

Second, I need to think about wants and needs. Of course there is not a single clothing item in the world that I NEED. But I mean more like what does my wardrobe need. What items do I need to allow me to wear something I already own or what "key" things am I missing?

Right now my "need" list looks like this:
-black pencil skirt
-white 3/4 sleeve cardigan
-white classic button up

I consider these "needs" because:
-the black skirt I have been wearing has some modesty issues.
-my previous cardigan has holes and stains. I need it to wear my tank top refashions like this one.
-my white shirt has a small rip and isn't the cleanest anymore. Unless I find a deal this can probably wait awhile.

Third, I can only buy things I really love. I can't buy something because it is on sale or a good deal. I can't buy something because I am shopping with a friend and it is what she is looking for. I can't even buy anything just because it's only $1.

If you have been reading my blog you have seen the blue cardigan I have worn a bazillion times and my new boots. I love these 2 items so much that I could wear them everyday for the rest of the winter and be happy. They were worth the price, both being a bit more than I usually spend (although I used gift money). I have several shirts that I just bought in December that just hang in my closet because I just don't love them.

I have set the rules mostly to save money. But I hope to save time and focus on more important things in life than clothes. I also hope to be more creative in remixing my closet.

What sort of shopping rules do you have? Any suggestions to add?

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