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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I am Loving Right Now

Mid-winter can be so bleak and dreary. I am really feeling down due the effects of the weather. This is what I am lovin right now that is getting me through it.

1. The band Pomplamoose. I mentioned them before, but if you haven't checked them out yet, you need to. Hurry. Click on the link. They are seriously getting me through this winter. My favorite songs are "If You Think You Need Some" and "September." And "Mr. Sandman." And "Another Day."

2. The Planet Earth series from Discovery Channel. We have watched three episodes so far and I just love it. It shows scenery and animals that I have never seen before. It's beautiful. I love learning about the planet.

3. My new Camera. Although the cold outside is preventing me from really exploring possibilities I am still loving the reading and learning I am doing about photography.

4. Sunday School. I am not joking. The Gospel Doctrine teachers in my ward are amazing. Last Wednesday I woke up so stressed about the rest of the week but knew that if I could make it through the week I could go to Sunday School. It was worth it. Only a few more days until I get to go again.

5. My Student Council. It's comforting to know that there are teenagers out there who are amazing and excellent individuals. I can trust them with anything and know they will get it done. There are some superb leaders. They are great examples at our school (and to me) and really make a difference. I am so lucky to work with them. I want to be just like M. when I grow up.

My goal is to put my Valentine's garland tutorial up this Saturday. I need to get this blog back to the crafts!

What are you loving right now? Any helps to get us all through this winter?

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