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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Refashion #3 Flower Tank

The inspiration for this shirt came from this tank from Alisa Burke. But since I can't draw, paint, or really even sew her project was hopeless for me! Instead I had to create my own method to (hopefully) achieve the same effect (although hers is much prettier!).

I have had this pink tank in my closet for a long time and I rarely wear it. I bought it to wear under a hoodie, but then realized that wasn't smart because I couldn't take the hoodie off if I get hot (I don't wear tanks without something under or over them). I decided to try to spice it up a bit so I can wear it again.

First, choose your color scheme. I went through my paint collection and chose shades of pink, purple, and orange. I used acrylic paint which may or may not have been the best choice. I don't know that much about paint. I just won't be throwing this shirt in the washing machine!

Because I can't paint my own flowers I used these foam stamps from Memory Makers.

I stamped a variety of flowers in a variety of colors onto a t-shirt I got on clearance for a few dollars at Walmart (using a t-shirt instead of just white cotton is a good idea because the t-shirt won't fray).

I tried the tank on with the cardigan I was going to wear with it and pinned where I wanted the flowers so they would show the best. (No picture of this.)

Cut the flowers out and arrange them on the shirt. I had to go back and stamp and cut out more flowers a couple of times to get enough.

I realized as I was arranging the flowers that the tank would stretch when I wore it and may look funny. The best thing I could think to do (actually I think it was my husband's idea) was to stuff a pillow inside the shirt to make it stretch out.

The most professional thing to do would be to hand sew each flower on the shirt. But, I had already spent a lot of time on this shirt so I took the easy way out and hot glued the flowers on. Like I said, I won't be throwing this in the washing machine.

All done!

Oh yeah, check that out!

I am so pleased with how it turned out!

I have several more refashions coming!

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make it wear it


Sarah said...

I think it is cute! There is also a product called liquid stitch, like a glue for fabric, that might work too.

Bromeliad said...

What a great idea. It turned out so cute.

I like the tip on stuffing the shirt in a pillow, too.

Amie said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

kimaloo said...

Adorable... I think I may copy you and make one of these for myself! :o)

Michelle L. said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous! I love that you did the flowers on a white tee, it makes the colors stand out. Great tutorial, and I also love the design of your blog. Now I need to go check out what else you have been crafting!

daperfectmix said...

nice job! definitely invest in some fabric glue. you can get it at Walmart or any craft store. it's also washable. i use it to patch my daughter's holes in her jeans, because i'm not that great with a sewing machine yet.

Andrea @ said...

Looks great!! Stop by and link up to Make It Wear It at

Sachiko said...

How creative! You did such a wonderful job to turn something plain to fabulous!

Jen @ said...

Such a cute idea. i love it! DecoArt sells a product that changes regular paint into fabric paint. You could buy some of that and be able to wash the tank top. I think you can apply it over the paint.


the thrifty ba said...

just coming from this shirt! newest follower right here!

Smith Family said...

So Cute! You can buy a product called "fabric medium". It's near the acrylic paints, in a similar bottle. (looks like milky white paint.) You mix the medium with your paint, paint your shirt, and iron it using a cloth between the iron and your painted facric. Your shirt is now machine washable!

Practically Spent said...

Way cute. You have a lot of patience!

Alice said...

Very sweet! Love it!


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