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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine's Book Page Garland

I love the trend of crafting with book pages. I am not usually into Valentine's decor but thought it went well these book page pinwheels. (Scroll to the end to see the entire garland).

First, take 2 pages from an old book and cut them to the same size.

Stack the pages on top of each other and accordion fold about 1 inch (or any size you want).

Pull the pages apart to use them separately.

Stack the 2 folded up papers on top of each other and secure with a small piece of wire around the middle.

Open the paper into a pinwheel and glue all 4 of the open sides together.
(After finishing this garland I found this tutorial for an adorable project that also uses these wheels. Follow the instructions in the video to use double stick tape instead of wire.)

By the way I am very impressed with myself for this photo.

The wheel looks like this when finished.

Now embellish as desired. I cut out a black circle from cardstock and a heart from some metallic red paper. I used 7 wheels total.

I then glued all of the wheels vertically onto a thin black ribbon. (Three wheels on one ribbon and two each on the other two ribbons. If that is confusing just look at the pictures below.)

I cut out another cardstock circle to glue to the back over the ribbon to make the wheel a little sturdier.

As seen below, I looped the ribbons over a curtain rod. I didn't want to tie knots so I used alligator clips to secure it. The clips are hidden behind the wheels so you can't tell that they are there.



The finished product! It is hanging in my dining room window. It's not huge or showy but bring some Valentine's Day love to the room (although it really is kind of early for V day stuff...).

I think they would look cute hanging horizontally too. The wheels could be decorated to fit any holiday or theme.

If you make one I would love to see it! Email me


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