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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Refashion #11 Flowers on the Collar

When the Shade clothing company was having their going out of business sale, I got this shirt for $3. I tried it on over my clothes at this big warehouse sale where the mirror was at an angle. It was a little wide, but I thought a belt would do the trick.

Little did I know, it looked like a tent on me. The shoulders made me look like a football player. Yuck. Something had to be done.

My mom helped me remove the sleeves and I used the fabric to make flowers to adorn the neck.

I used 4 templates of a variety of sizes to cut the circles. The largest is about 2 inches.

Cut the circles out of the fabric.

Fold a circle in half three times and cut off the corners. Make them nice and rounded and even.

When you open it up it it will look like a flower.

Repeat for all sizes of circles.

Stack the flowers, largest to smallest. For the large flowers I used all four and for the small ones I used the smallest three sizes.

Stitch each flower onto the collar of the shirt, sewing a pearl bead to the center. I alternated the large flowers with the small flowers.

It needs a good ironing, but it's a brand new shirt!

For winter I can wear a long sleeve white t-shirt underneath, and when it gets warm again I will switch to a short sleeved shirt.

A belt at the waist gives the shirt some shape.

Bad hair day!

I also like it with my favorite blue cardi.

Do you have anything in your closet that doesn't fit well? Could you make a simple change like this so that you'll wear it again?


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