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Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10 Projects of 2010

#10 Nautical Necklace
I loved this project because it was entirely my idea.

#9 Bridesmaid Belts
I made these for my brother's wedding and got to wear one!

#8 Lace Socks
I have had so much fun wearing these.

#7 Fireworks Bracelet
It was so fun to see a couple of others make similar bracelets using my tutorial

#6 Flower Tank
I love how this turned out!

#5 Anthro Inspired Rose Blouse
I am so glad to be using this shirt again!

#4 Ruffles Shirt
This was my first refashion- I was so proud!

#3 Photo Letters
I LOVE this! Enough said!

#2 Fourth of July Headband
The most beautiful headband I have ever made!

#1 Anthro Inspired Rose Shirt
This was a lot of work- but well worth it!

BONUS: Retro Button Necklace
Although this project did not make my top 10 favorites, it was the most featured, viewed, and replicated project from Yellow Blackbird in 2010.

On another note- I had about 77 sales this year in my Etsy shop! My goal was 50 so I totally exceeded that!

Thanks so much for your support. It's been a great year!


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