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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Wore

This is what I wore to church. This is a new shirt that I just got from Downeast Basics. You will probably see this for the next 2 weeks. I plan to wear it to work this week and on Christmas Eve. I sure love the pretty flowers!

This is another outfit inspired by a random person in a store. I saw a girl wearing a ruffly, mustard colored top over a long sleeved white shirt. I had to try it out when I got home! I usually wear this shirt at a normal length (see my profile pic in the left sidebar) but it stretches pretty long so I decided to lengthen it so it was like a tunic and... surprise! add a belt! The butterfly necklace was made by me and I threw on my shabby gray boots too. Loved it!

I have had this sparkly Old Navy tank for years, and decided to mix it in again. I wore my new lacy jacket and a pencil skirt I have also had for forever. I am wearing one of my shooting star necklaces (available in my shop) which adds a fun bit of pizazz!

I love this shirt because the polka dots are black-brown and they look either color depending on what I wear it with. For this Saturday look I added a brown long sleeve tee, brown scarf, and brown boots. Super comfy and warm.

This red top is another that I have had for years and was able to remix back in to my wardrobe with the purchase of the lacy black jacket. That jacket was only like $7. What a deal!

This outfit was inspired when I cleaned out my closet and remembered I had the blue long sleeved tee. Ugh, I really need new gray boots. Maybe next year...
It's a record! I only wore 1 outfit (at least that I got a picture of) with a belt!

Have a great day!


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