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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Wore

I still want to participate in "What I Wore" Wednesday but rather than just list where my clothes came from and what they cost, I would like to write about the creativity behind my outfits and what inspired me to wear something, combine two pieces, etc.

I hope that's not too cheesy, but I love to read fashion blogs where I can gain inspiration and outfit ideas. I really feel that clothes are a way that I can create every single day, even if I don't have time for crafts, photography, or music. I can still be creative and express myself.

This outfit was inspired by those amazing, rockin' shoes! I picked those babies up at the thrift store for $4 last week. They are pointy toed, beaded, sequined heels. They remind me of the shoes worn by Drew Barrymore in my favorite movie Ever After and I just HAD to have them! I also just made the belt and wanted to wear both things at the same time. But how to do it?

I chose to wear this blue tank top because it has a few sequins at the neckline to coordinate with the shoes. I have had it FOREVER and finally wore it again- hooray! I paired it with my new favorite sweater. It was the perfect outfit to match my belt (this one is mine, but you can purchase your own from my shop).

I just love this outfit! My mom made me this skirt several years ago and I wore it with green until I made this gorgeous purple shirt that matched perfectly. I wore this outfit last winter, but with my new found belt obsession, it just feels complete. (I hope my belt wasn't crooked like that all day!)

My husband and I were going on a Halloween boat ride on a local river and I needed something toasty warm to wear. A scarf is the perfect thing so I matched this outfit to the scarf I chose. A plain tee is the perfect background for the scarf, and the gray boots match nicely.

It looked great with my new coat too! I added a beanie and some gloves and was perfect!

Another example of my belt obsession. If a belt is too big to fit up high on your waist, use an eyelet punch from your craft supplies to make another hole.

This outfit may not seem like much to you, but it is the result of some serious remixing. I have had the green sweater (a hand-me-down) for some time and have worn it with jeans, black pants, and gray pants. I have tried black shirts and white shirts under it. New to my wardrobe this season are the gray sweater and little green belt so I added them. I love the layered look for fall and again with the belt obsession!

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate any comments and feedback you have on the quality and content of this post!

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