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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

All of these fantastic pumpkins were made by young teenagers. They did all the work themselves using a few provided materials or what they brought to school from home. They are so talented and creative!
This pumpkin has been painted white, then she made this beautiful design with pink, black, and grey paint.

Painted black for day time use, and his favorite logo carved in for nighttime use.

Cute stripes with jewels on top.

Halloween ribbons and other embellishments attached.

A white pumpking painted black and red. When it is carved you can see the white inside.

An orange pumpkin painted with black to look marbled.

Painted different colors and then she used a handmade stencil to paint on the words.

These monster eyes were made from colored paper and attached with paper clips. She wanted to use pipe cleaners but forget them at home. What creativity to use what she had!

Spray painted black with Halloween colored designs. Tied with a bunch of really cute Halloween ribbons.
I love creating with kids! Be sure to check out the linky parties!


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