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Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Jar Lanterns

I finally got around to doing a Halloween craft! My mom found the idea for these cute jars in the Taste of Home magazine. They are candle holders- like jack-o-lanterns but they will last longer!

To make your own keep on reading!


Variety of jars

Tissue paper

Mod Podge

Any other embellishments you wish to use.

My mom did all the work of gathering and washing our jars.

My mom bought orange, black, green, purple, and white tissue paper. I also used a little red and I thought yellow would be cute to make a moon and stars.

Cut your tissue paper to be a little bigger than the size of the jar. You need some to tuck inside the opening and some to flatten to the bottom.

Cover your jar with a light coat of Mod Podge.

Quickly cover the jar with your tissue paper. Make sure you tuck it inside the jar.

Decorate the jar as desired using more Mod Podge. A PDF of the jack-o-lantern faces can be downloaded at

Put another coat of Mod Podge over the entire jar.

Cute, right? Be careful with the ink from the faces. If you put more than a VERY light coat of Mod Podge on the faces they will smear. If this does happen, wash the jar in the sink and the tissue paper will dissolve and you can easily wash the jar clean.

Here is a photo of the bottom of the jar so you can see how to fold the tissue over.

For the striped jars, we cut strips of tissue paper using a paper cutter and attached them individually to the jars.

For the spider jar (see below for finished product) I cut a spider body and 8 legs from black tissue paper and attached to the jar. After I took this picture I added a red hour glass to make a black widow.

These are the jars my mom made. She did mostly faces and I love how they turned out. She has since bought several cute Halloween ribbons and tied the jars with ribbon.

These are the jars that I made. The one furthest to the right is supposed to be a candy corn.

Now, add a tea light candle and voila! a cute Halloween lantern. My mom and I are both having Halloween parties and will be putting our jars on our food tables for added decorations.

Thank you Taste of Home for the idea!

Speaking of Halloween....

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