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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shop Your Closet

This week I did another "free for all" shopping trip into my closet. We had a couple of particularly chilly days this week so I broke out a few of my cold weather staples and remixed them to come up with this outfit.

I am wearing a Coldwater Creek sweater, Old Navy black tee, handmade by my mom skirt, Target boots, and some black tights. The bracelet is from F21 and the watch from Bumbles. I bought the gold leaf charm from the Gem Faire.

Click here to see another outfit with the skirt. This is how I have traditionally worn it (I have had it for years). Going back through the archives only turned up in this terrible/outfit photo of the sweater and this outfit that I actually like. Aren't we all glad I don't take my outfit photos like that anymore???

What do you think about my lipstick??? I don't usually wear a color like that? Should I keep wearing it?

Did you shop your closet and remix a new outfit this week? Link it up below and share with us all (this includes and "what I wore" posts or any outfit posts that show a remix of your wardrobe).

NEXT SHOPPING TRIP: KHAKIS. A few weeks Already Pretty posted this article about styling your khakis. I SO need this. I have several pairs I bought to wear to work and I never wear them. I recently turned a boot cut pair into skinnies so I am ready to bust them out. Go read Sally's article for all the tips.

Love Ramsey makes her khakis business worthy in this outfit. Love the pop of blue.

If you would like a more casual approach, check out this outfit from the Daybook. I love the stripes.

I noticed that Jessica from What I Wore wears khakis a lot. This is her most recent outfit, but if you look over at the sidebar at "recent outfits" you'll see quite a few.

Good luck to us all! I am going to need it! The school year is 25% over and I haven't worn them once. I haven't photographed them (or probably worn them) since the 30 for 30 remix last year. I wore them Day 24 (yuck) and Day 4 (this outfit I actually like).


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