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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

As I told you yesterday, it was my birthday this weekend. I always have to party it up for days! I should have taken more photos but I am having memory card issues. Luckily, husband gave me a new one for my birthday.

Friday: Dinner with husband at Texas Roadhouse

Saturday: Harry Potter with husband

Sunday: Dinner at my parents (my mom made me a delicious Chinese dinner)

Cake and ice cream at my sister-in-laws for my nephew's (and my) birthday. My MIL got this cute cake for me.

Monday: Bike ride to a beautiful waterfall with husband.
That night husband took me on a surprise date. We went to an art exhibit that I had really been wanting to see.
Then we had dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant.

We played mini croquet and ski ball which was a lot of fun.
Then we got ice cream (my favorite treat!) Isn't he the best?

Tuesday: Lunch with Grandma, Mom, Aunt, Mother-in-Law

I got a few gifts that relate to the blog... I got a photography book from a good friend, and a Light Scoop for my camera (as referred by Grosgrain Fabulous). I also got a remote for my camera to help with outfit photos but found out that my camera cannot use a wireless remote. :( I also got Jessica Quirk's What I Wore book which I am loving!

It was an amazing birthday! Thanks everyone, especially my amazing husband!

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