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Monday, July 11, 2011

Craft Room: It Begins

I cannot believe how fast summer has gone by. This has been the fastest summer yet. I always start out the summer with this grand vision of what it will look like. I have all sorts of goals and plans for "the best summer ever." Then I reach the middle of July and I realize that school is going to start again soon and much of what I envisioned hasn't happened and I am about out of time. So I immediately turn my attention to fall and do the same thing. But with fall, I am usually able to have the season I want. It's my most favorite season and I start itching for it right after the 4th. I even spent time online today looking at lookbooks for 2011 fall fashion.

But I am getting off the subject. One of my plans for the summer was to redo my craft room. Rather than the semi organized (until it's not) hodge podge of randomness, I want to make it a designed and decorated space. It was supposed to be done in June. But due to illness, classes, vacations, etc. it's July 11 and I just started today. Better late than never.

So this is what I am starting with:

It's a disaster. And I hate the yellow. I chose it, but I hate it. When we first moved into this house the walls were hot hot hot pink so I painted over them with this pale yellow. I do not like it at all. So today I cleaned most of the stuff out of the room to be ready to paint.

I'll give you some teasers on what I am doing:

The color I chose is Rolling Hills by Behr.

I have a pin board with ideas on decorating.

I'll keep you updated. Wish me luck!

(Wahoo! 400 followers! I am flattered! Welcome!)

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