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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bracelet Week: Stacking

In this addendum to Bracelet Week I want to explore the trend of bracelet stacking. I really love it!

(photo from Glam Shop Online. These bracelets are only $8.50 with free shipping!)

I've been looking around the web for info, tips, and advice on bracelet stacking. It seems that there's only one rule for it:

There are no rules!

But if you are like me and still want some advice- here are the tips I have gathered. Take them or leave them. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

1. Mix different textures of bracelets.
2. Mix different styles (casual with dressy) and sizes.
3. Only wear on one arm.
4. Be careful with color- not too many colors, use contrasting colors, go monochromatic.
5. Notice the order- mixed up or smallest to largest?
6. Make sure they are comfortable and not distracting for you.
7. YOU like it!

There's a lot of conflicting advice from different sites. If you want links to where I found these "tips" check out my Pinboard.

If you are more of a visual person- here are some photos to inspire you.

The first four are from Kendi, my style icon.
I love the pop of blue against the warm colors of the outfit.

Some of the bloggers I read get too worked up about about being matchy-matchy. I think the matching bracelets and belt look beautiful.

This chromatic outfit looks so great with all the varying shades of blue and textures in the jewelry.

I like the gold, neutral bracelets against the brightness of the outfit. I think this is a great way to wear this trend without looking over the top.

Jentine at My Edit just barely did a post on thrifting this trend.

This example is from Rebecca with an R. I like the separation of the colors and the brightness of the bracelets against the muted shirt.

In this last example, Ana uses an eclectic mix of bracelets for a fabulous combo.

I don't own a huge variety of bracelets to have a go at this trend but this is one attempt I made. I am trying to slowly add to my collection. I made a few bracelets for bracelet week. I bought a great bangle for a good deal at Forever 21 the other day (can't find a photo on their website, sorry) and have been asking for bracelets for my birthday.

And... because my birthday is so darn close I am really REALLY tempted to order the above bracelets. Ack! I have already spent a lot of money this month! Just say no, Aubree!!!

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