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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shop Your Closet- party next week!

Shop Your Closet is a feature where I find some inspiration and then go shopping in my closet to recreate it. This way I am exercising my creativity without spending any money.

It sounds like several of you are interested in participating in "Shop Your Closet" with me, so the first Shop Your Closet link party will be begin next Saturday, June 25th! Spread the word! Grab one of the buttons below! I am excited about this because hopefully we can inspire each other to be creative with what we've got. I don't know about you, but I have found myself buying something I didn't even know I wanted all because I saw a blogger with that item in her closet. This way, we can celebrate our own styles and teach each other how to be creative while being thrifty!

So this is how it will work....

1. Find some inspiration. this can be an outfit you saw on a celebrity, blogger, neighbor, stranger, etc. It can also be a particular pattern or color scheme (ex: stripes with floral, or black and white) or a theme (ex: nautical or bohemian). You could also use a piece you already have in your closet but don't wear much (see my outfit below) or a favorite necklace as your inspiration. Anything goes!

2. Create an outfit from things you have in your closet already. Hopefully it's something that you have never worn before.

3. Blog or otherwise put online your inspiration and your outfit. A little show-and-tell, if you will.

4. Link up to Yellow Blackbird on Saturdays.

If a lot of people link up, you will have a lot of inspiration for the next week. Feel free to participate if you don't want to follow me. I will ask that you please use the button on your post to help advertise. : ) The more the merrier! You will always be able to find this button on the "grab a button" bar at the top.

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And now, on to the main event...

Because I am participating in the 30 for 30 challenge right now, this whole week I have been shopping my closet. But we have been on vacation so it was "shop your suitcase" and my outfits weren't terribly creative. You can come back on Tuesday to see them and judge for yourself.

But now that we are home, I wanted to wear something a little more exciting. I have had this hot pink shrug for a really long time. I haven't worn it in years, but have never managed to let it go. I decided to put it in my 30 for 30 picks and see what happened. This is what I came up with for today.

I am wearing a dress from Walmart, shrug from Old Navy, necklace from Charlotte-Russe and hand-me-down shoes that I think are from Target.

The orange and gold bracelet was made by me, and I just bought the blue one yesterday at the Gem Fair. Isn't it cute?

I don't know that I usually wear dresses on Saturdays, but sometimes it's fun to break out of the mold a little bit. We are going on a double date with my in-laws to the movies tonight so at least I am all dressed up with somewhere to go!

Okay, now it's your turn!!! Go shopping in your closet and see what fun you can come up with to share with us all next Saturday!

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