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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anthropologie Strung Shapes Bracelet Tutorial

The next bracelet tutorial is another Anthropologie inspired bracelet that uses the same hemp technique as in the Terra Scintilla bracelet earlier this week.

Here is my bracelet-

This is the one from Anthropologie. This Strung Shapes bracelet retails at $88.

I made my bracelet using a medallion from an old broken necklace. You should be able to find a similar piece metal in the jewelry making section of a craft store.

The length of hemp that you need will depend on the size of the medallion and desired size of the bracelet. I used 2 pieces about 40 inces long for each side (4 pieces total).

Begin by looping the hemp through the whole in the metal ring. The now 4 ends of hemp should all be the same length.

Use this tutorial to learn how to make the knots, but instead of having a bangle bracelet as the middle piece, you will use two ends of hemp.

Braid the hemp until it reached the desired length to go about half way around your wrist. At the very end, attach a bead to the middle two strands and tie two more knots. Follow the instructions here for finishing off the end- tie it in a basic knot and glue before trimming.

For the middle two pieces, leave about 3 inches of the hemp before trimming it off.

Tie a knot at the end of these two pieces.


To make the "clasp" hold the two end pieces together as shown below.

Cut another piece of hemp about 12 inches long (better safe than sorry).

Start another knot, and continue until you have a series of knots about 1 inch long, using all of the bracelet end pieces as a center.

When you reach the end, tie a basic knot and glue the ends before trimming.

This small section (called a slider knot) should slide back and forth to make the bracelet adjustable.

And that's it! You can experiment with a variety of hemp colors, beads, metal shapes, etc. The Anthro bracelet used two different colors of hemp. There are a lot of possibilities!

Maybe my shape is a little too large... : )



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