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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BONUS: Fireworks Bracelet

Because Bracelet Week is so close to the 4th of July I thought I would repost this project that I showed last year. there are a lot of new friends around here who may have not seen it. I call it the "Fireworks Bracelet." Enjoy! I will be back later today with another Anthropologie knock-off bracelet...

I LOVE the 4th of July! It is probably my favorite holiday. I am a history teacher so I love to celebrate the Founding Fathers, independence, and freedom. I go all out for the holiday. I decorate my yard and myself. I always go crazy with red, white, and blue. This bracelet is the perfect addition to my holiday- and can be for yours too!

Plain chain bracelet (or make your own with chain and a clasp)
Headpins and/or eye pins
Red, white, blue, clear, and/or silver beads (gold would be pretty too)
Round nose and regular jewelry pliers
Wire cutters

Begin by arranging your beads on the headpins. The more random, the better.
Here are three examples of my headpins

Use the round-nose pliers to curve the end of the headpin.

Hook it on the chain of the bracelet.

Clip the end of the wire if necessary and close the loop with your jewelry pliers.

Now, add the rest of your headpins to the bracelet. The number of pins will depend on the size of your bracelet, the size of the links, and desired thickness. I used 1 or 2 pins per link depending on the size of the beads.

I call this the "Fireworks" bracelet because (obviously) it looks like a fireworks burst with the long skinny beads that stick out.

Here is a close-up view so you can see some of my other headpins.

Doesn't it look great? So fun for the 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday. It really can be worn all summer if you want. You could, of course, use this technique for any color and style of beads too!

I hope you are enjoying bracelet week. As I said above, come back later today for another tutorial.

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