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Monday, June 13, 2011

30 for 30 Picks

It's time for another 30 for 30 with Kendi Everyday! Today is the first day of the remix challenge. A little while ago, Kendi did a post about making the challenge your own. It's not about following strict rules, but about stretching your creativity and learning and having fun. It's not about minimalism or deprivation for me so here are my exceptions to the standards 30 for 30 rules.

1. All denim bottoms count as 1 item. I don't think I am really remixing when I switch out denim shorts for jeans or capris. It really just depends on the weather.

2. I will not use my 30 for 30 items for church. I have too many summer dresses that I want to wear to restrict myself to just a few. I will wear a 30 for 30 outfit after church on Sundays.

3. Shoes don't count. I have only picked 25 items, and then will have unlimited access to my shoes. They are pretty much accessories anyway. : )

I also may skip a few days when I go camping or something.

With that being said- here are my picks:


I have chosen 3 maxi dresses. I have never worn the black one- I just got it. It's from Walmart. The blue one is from F21, and the purple from a local boutique.


Denim shorts: Shade, White capris: ? Brown cargo shorts: Old Navy, Green shorts: Kohls?
I have had a lot of these for a long time.


White: Charlotte-Russe, Coral: Target, White: Kohls, Mustard: Target, Black: Ross, Pink: Old Navy

I haven't worn the pink one in a couple of years. It will be fun to try to mix it in.


Red stripe: Ross, Blue/red stripe: Walmart, Blue/green stripe: Roxy (from Ross, I think), Black floral: Ross (brand new, never been worn), Yellow print: Old Navy


Polka dots: Ross, White: Express, Butterflies: Wet Seal


Stripe: Shade (thrifted), Yellow: Down East, Orange: Aeropostale, Purple: Old Navy

I have mixed in a lot of things that I haven't worn in a long time, with several brand new things. I will be fun! Wish me luck!

I will continue to post my clothes on Tuesday night as usual. So the first round of remix outfits will be published Tuesday, June 21.

Have a great week!

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