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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Chevron Bangle

Welcome to day 2 of Bracelet Week! Today's project is pretty simple, but a fun idea nonetheless. Chevron seem to be a trendy pattern right now so I made this cute chevron bangle.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. That is what you get when you craft in your yellow room in the basement at night... : (

Begin with a bunch of bangle bracelets. I used 6 small bracelets for this project. You also need 2 1/2 feet of ribbon. I found that for my size of bracelets that 3/8" wide ribbon worked best.

Begin by weaving the ribbon through the bracelets.

Pull it through until only a few inches of ribbon remain at the end.

Pull the ribbon down in a 'V' shape and weave the opposite direction.

Continue this pattern of weaving all the way around the bracelet, making sure to space the peaks of the 'V's evenly and not lose the tail at the end.

When you get to the end, make sure the end of the ribbon is pointing the same direction as the beginning of the ribbon so that you have a complete 'V' at the end.

Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow. You will want to hold the edges of the ribbon over a candle to melt the edges to prevent fraying. You may also want to glue down the ribbon so that the bow doesn't come undone.

Very simple! Very quick! A quick trip to the store or a raid on your own jewelry box could have you a new bracelet in just minutes!

I used blue and gold because I am kind of into nautical right now. I would love to have one with silver bangles and orange ribbon. There are so many different color combos you can use to make it your own! Or customize it for gifts, holidays, or school colors!
Tomorrow, the bracelet will be another Anthropologie knock-off, PLUS a bonus bracelet in the morning. Come check it out!

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