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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore

Okay, I have to warn you this week- my photos are not good. They are bad in fact. This is getting to be quite hard. I leave home when it's dark and don't often get home until is dark again.

At least I try...
I totally scored when I got these hand-me-down boots this week from a family member who had only worn them once! I am also wearing a necklace made by me- I will try to do a tutorial soon- but again with the lighting issue. Maybe on Saturday. *sigh*

The other day I saw a lady and thought she looked so cute. Then I realized that I have a similar sweater at home. I've just had it for so long (and usually keep it stuffed in my purse as a back up jacket) that I forget to wear it as regular clothes. Thank you for the inspiration, random cute lady I saw at the play!

This outfit is just cozy. Comfy long sleeve tee (FREE with $10 Kohl's card in the mail!), comfy skirt with tights, comfy boots. Perfect for fall.

I *heart* my new $5 heels as I blogged about already HERE.

Terrible picture, but that's what I wore today and it was my last chance to get a photo for this post.
It was time for the Rosie the Riveter shirt to be worn again so I needed to mix it up. I paired it with a blazer and belt to go for a buisness-y look today. I made it fun with my thrift store shoes, already blogged about HERE.
As always, linking up at the Pleated Poppy!


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