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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Wore

Today was sweater day. Argyle sweater day. Not very fashion forward but I like it.

I *heart* this skirt. I had to sew up where the zipper was coming out that morning but it was worth it. Brown tights and brown boots- I *heart* them too!

I love the pops of lime green! I have on a lime green beaded watch too. I call this necklace my "kryptonite" necklace.
Did you notice that I chopped 3 inches off my hair? Yeah, neither did anyone else. People that I see every day had no idea so... I don't know what to conclude! Are they unobservant? Is 3 inches just not that much? Or does it look bad? I like it a lot and that is all that matters!

This outfit was inspired by Kohl's ad that I saw. But, after I took the picture I realized I have actually worn something similar a lot (esp. the cardi and belt). Oh well.

Isn't this dress gorgeous? I really wore it yesterday! We had a colonial festival at school for our 8th graders. My favorite part of the festival is getting to wear the beautiful dresses.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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