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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Wore

I have a lot of outfits to share because I haven't done this for a few weeks. This post should be called "14 different ways to wear the same sweater." I wore the same sweater a lot in the last few weeks. It was brand new and I just love it!

My husband tells me that I spend WAY too much time picking out clothes- and he is right. Many of these outfits are my attempt to just grab and go without spending a ton of time worrying about the small details. Like I have said before, I do it to be creative and artistic, but it can be a big time waster.

On to the clothes... My first attempt at grab-n-go. I have never worn this purple shirt over something, just under jackets and sweaters. It's a cute look for fall, I think.
Blue sweater outfit #1
I wanted to wear this new sweater to church and had to find an outfit. Funny that everytime I wear this belt I wear this pair of shoes too.
(Personal plug: you can buy one of these belts here in my Etsy shop.)
Aren't they great? $4 at the thrift store!

Not a great picture, sorry. It's been hard with less light each day. I am wearing the Anthro knock-off blouse that I made under this awesome "leather" jacket.

Blue sweater outfit #2
It wasn't cold enough to be wearing this many layers but oh well. I loved combining the two shades of blue. The necklace (made by me) adds a bit of interest at the neck.
(Personal plug: A purple and pink version of this necklace is available in my shop.)

Blue sweater outfit #3
This was the same day as above, but after work I ditched the dress pants, patent leather peep toes, and blue sweater for jeans, suede peep toes and a white undershirt.

The day I posted this Anthro inspired rose shirt was the same day that I wore it. This is one of the pics from my photoshoot.

It was time for the yellow and gray sweater to be seen again. I don't like to wear the same outfit twice (at least to the same place or with the same people) so I had to mix it up a little for work. I don't think I like the black skirt, tights, and shoes with a sweater that has no black in it. I was going for that grab-n-go thing again, though.

Is it okay to wear these tights with open toed shoes? What do you think?

Blue sweater outfit #4
Sorry, this pic was taken at night so it's terrible
I was going to to dinner with a long-lost friend and thought it was yet another occassion to wear my sweater. This time I paired it with yellow- which I love!

This outfit was inspired by a girl I work with. She wore something similar (gray jacket, tan pants, red shoes) and I thought it was so cute that I copied her. I wore my outfit just a few days later. I changed it up just a bit by adding the red belt. ($1.50 at the thrift store!)

The clothes in this picture don't look like they fit very well. I hope that is just the photo. The sweater is from Express and is one of my favorites to break out in the fall. This day (yesterday) was its 2010 debut!

Happy Wednesday! Only two more mornings to wake up early!!

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