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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turning a Dress into a Shirt

A few weeks ago I was at Old Navy and saw this dress on sale for $.97.
I already owned a similar item- a shirt in the same print but in pinks (as seen in this post). I had purchased that shirt for $5, which I thought was a deal so $1 was a steal! I coudn't pass it up.
It's too short for me to wear as a dress but too long for a shirt. I thought it looked easy enough (for my mom) to hem up.
First, measure up as high as you want the hem to be. Mark all the way around the dress with a pencil.

Cut along the line you just drew.

Stitch a basic hem.

Voila! A cute $.97 shirt.

Great for warmer weather with just a t-shirt underneath.

I can also wear it this winter with my new fave sweater over the top. But you know me, I'll totally have to add a belt to it for the outfit to be complete!

Now I have a small section of this cute printed fabric left over. Any ideas on how it could be used?
Thanks, Mom!


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