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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

This is one of those outfits where I have had all the peices for years and still love them!
Shirt: Down East Basics
Skirt: Kohls
Wedges: Target
Necklace: Cold Water Creek

Don't mind the grumbly face!
Shirt: Made by me
Skirt: No idea
Necklace: Target
I also have on the cute yellow wedges you can see below in the other yellow outfit picture.

Not sure about the white kitten heels... Love this new shirt though! I got it for $5 on clearance! Woot woot!
Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Maurices
Shoes: Probably Forever Young Shoes
Necklace: Disneyland!!!

Gotta get those summery outfits in right now! This will go back into the closet until April. I am a very seasonal dresser.
Shirt: Express
Blazer: Old Navy
Skirt/belt: BYU Bookstore actually!
Wedges: Probaby Forever Young Shoes

Loved how this turned out! Was not expecting to like this shirt too much. I bought it because it was a good deal and I have another purpose for it (but it's a secret for now!)
Shirt: Shade
Belt: Charlotte-Russe
Pants: Wet Seal, maybe? (they have a blue and grey pinstriping)
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Target

Remember the the red text is items I think you can still buy. Not many this week- I did pretty good at mixing old stuff in with the new (not that it stopped me from shopping though!)

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