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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Wore

I can't believe it's time for "What I Wore" again. Time sure flies by! School has ended and I am a free bird! Just doing what I want all the time. Not sure if that means better outfits or not. I am free from restrictions and can wear whatever I want in my closet, but I don't always have somewhere to go so I don't dress up a lot.

This is my rule breaking outfit for the week. I bought this sparkly new top on clearance (it's much better than the picture shows) but the white cardi in my closet didn't really go with it, you know? I had one in my DI pile, but it had a hole in it. I figured I could wear some kind of brooch to cover it up, but didn't have anything. Instead, I put two of the shoe clips that I just made in the hole and wore them on the sweater. It's really hard to see the pics, sorry! But I thought it was quite clever of me!

We had "free dress days" at the end of the school year so I whipped out the denim shorts, even though it wasn't quite warm enough yet. This time wearing the red and white stripes, a kid told me that I looked like a sailor! Finally! That is way better than the 4th of July! And... did you see... I got Toms!!!

When I was in 9th grade I wore all my good, favorite outfits the last two weeks of school. When the last day of school rolled around I had nothing left to wear. I was SO not going to wear something that I had worn the last two weeks so I ended up wearing a sweatshirt that was not that cute and WAY too hot. I wasn't very modest underneath that sweatshirt so I couldn't take it off. From then on I have really tried to put for some effort for the last day of school so I dressed up a little bit today. I wore tall shoes when I was suffering from intense shin pain. I wore cargo shorts which are normally not allowed, and paired them with the feminine lace. I like juxtaposing different styles in an outfit. My necklace and watch have some animal prints on them.

I wore something very similar last week, I know. But I had to wear my new dress/skirt to church and unfortunately it was cold and I had to wear a sweater. I wanted to wear it with different shoes but had to wear these because they don't have a side to push against the injury on my foot (funny story- maybe later). Hard to see, but I got this fun camera charm necklace on my weekend shopping spree (same place I got the injury).

I am going to be having a fun giveaway soon... stay tuned!

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